Sunday, 12 June 2016

A Chilled Sunday

Last sunday I was able to enjoy the small bit of British sunshine sat in my garden drawing is my kind of perfect afternoon. Especially if theres a bbq. Last weekend there was, sunshine, good food and wine was flowing. which is much to the contrast of right now where the rain is strong.

While enjoying the garden I also got to enjoy our fish. My family are big fish lovers in both ownership and cuisine. Currently my father has left a pond at every house he's ever lived in, and has two tropical fish tanks, one salt water, and a pond built up almost 5ft from the ground which looks like a large jacuzzi. I told you we like fish. In the large outdoor pond he keeps goldfish and koi. Watching them swim around in the sun is so calming and I had the sound of the fountain aerating the water all day. So in the end, I had to draw them!

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