Friday, 20 May 2016

Digital Deco

Taking the inked drawings into Illustrator was the next step. I wanted to keep the experimentation I'd done with the line thickness and so made sure that was exaggerated in the digital sketches. Thankfully I don't feel the designs lost anything by going into a vector illustration. 

 I used the pen tool for alot of the drawing as I love getting the crisp vector lines. But there were some parts that needed the human touch. When something is too neat it can look like it falls very flat compared to the natural wobbliness of the original. To keep it, I made sure I did the hair by hand keeping imperfection.

The hair, the long eyelashes and the dark lips were my favourite parts of these sketches. I used to hate drawing hair, but now I quite enjoy it!

It's Deco Darling

The past few months have been a start to an exploration of my own personal style with challenges from the Make Art That Sells course. Each month I have a new topic, explore it and then get given the brief for the end result piece. For a first one the topic was "1920s hair and makeup". Of course I enjoyed that very much and got straight in drawing characters, here are a few of the ladies I sketched up. For some reason they all seem to have an attitude. 
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It took a while to get the steady hand back but in the end it wasn't bad for a short exploration. It was these ladies that lead me to experiment with the way I used line in my work. Line thickness was something I'll admit I would skip over, and followers of my work know I was a one pen to ink all person. Now I'm finding just how a little change in thickness can give the work more of a finished look which I hope to translate digitally later.