Thursday, 24 April 2014

Designing the Website

Currently designing and creating an official website, the more formal version of my blog. I created these trees to go around the site. In the future I want to add more things like this around the site, and I was quite happy with the end result. I also tried to create them in slightly different styles, but hopefully similar enough that they were both created by me. From doing these I've also found I like throwing normal colours out the window. 
One of the many things I love about doing this, nothing has to be normal or conventional.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pretty CV

This is my art CV which is in keeping with the other elements such as this blog, my business card design, and soon my website. Hope it does the job! 

Before The Print

This is my business card design before I get them printed. Let me know what you guys think!

(Phone number has been made private)

Busy Business

As part of my degree I do a business module, which is beneficial for when I leave uni and branch and into the big world of freelance! For this I created an art CV, cover letter, ultimate image and business card.

This image will look familiar from my post from my previous post as a cheeky preview. This image was designed for my Ultimate Image in which we create an image adding skills of composition design to make the image appealing to the eye, as well as demonstrating what we do and who we are. I chose to do a background as I love all aspects of design but background design is something I have a passion for. It was taken into Photoshop and coloured in greyscale. This was to work out the light and shadows in accordance to the place of the sun within each section. When I was happy with the lights and shadows I had created, I moved onto painting in colour. 
Whenever I do background work I like to look for new challenges to determine what I need to work on. With this background I wanted to use as few layers as possible. I managed to work on 3 layers, one being the glass layer, another being the skies, and the other being everything else.

 It was challenging and became messy, but I feel like I payed even closer attention to colour and lighting and how each colour fitted with the next. I often find that doing 2D backgrounds that are bold with limited detail and harsh tones (please see Advanced Tech post from 2012 for example), that layers are needed to break up and paint each colour flat individually. For this background I wanted a softer look with only a slight of realism to it, so I felt like trying to paint as traditionally as possible. 

As for the composition of the piece I followed a grid system that can be found in practically any visual advertisement (especially film posters). The grid shows the bottom section, which would typically be the title area if it were following the grid of a film poster, and two diagonals which cross in the middle. The other sections that are split into four are made as part of my design to use white space, but the diagonals show the guide to the eye.

From the bottom left corner the path enters and follows round to the Daytime section. The paths corner and direction into the forest is at the cross section of the title line and along the direction of the diagonal that intercepts it. This pushes the eye through the left into the centre. The path does similar on the opposite side but its more important on the left as we read left to right and that path is exiting the image. All the foliage follows the two triangles made by the diagonals, and purshes the eye to the centre. 

This was the process of my Ultimate Image thanks for reading!