Thursday, 27 February 2014

Colour Crazy

Now that one characters design is finalised, it's time to move onto the other main character. Patrick's design was, like Mary, taken from the original quick loose designs.  (see February 13th). After drawing out a few of them, it becomes clear which ones are easy to adapt and take into a different style. This was the design I chose in the end. For the colour variations I chose to do plain, and typical "old man jumper" colours. I couldn't make him as bright as I did with Mary because his character doesn't permit it. He is supposed to look drained, and tired, the common effects of being an Alzheimer carer for a loved one. Often carers can be less physically fit than the person they are caring for. This is due to the years of emotional, physical, and mental strain it takes upon the carers health. This problem is common and affects older couples in particular. 

At this point in the design process I am still unsure which style to go for. The style in this case determining the colour of the line. Black gives a very classic, and raw style, where as the coloured line gives a softer, and is generally more stylistic where the style will be relying on the designs themselves. 

The next stage will be seeing the colours together to determine what works for the characters as a pair. 


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Character Design Update and News!


From the last designs I did I went back to my own style. I kept the shapes and trued to keep the lines fluid. (please excuse my random notes)

I then took my favourite, and design that to me reminding me the most of Mary, and coloured it up. 

From this I made variations within the colour of the design. I am still unsure if I will go with the black or coloured line, which is why I did variations with both. 

With these variations I added detail to see if it would add or distract the design. I also went back to experimenting with line colour and made the dark brown lighter, and also more pink like. Out of the line variations I liked the pinker line for the skin, however the dark lines on the face lend the look to that of 1961's 101 Dalmatians.


Today has also been the start of a collaboration with some Games Art students, where I will be doing concept work for their given project. The team I have been put with want Medieval style props and buildings, so the work will be very different as it's in a realistic style. It will be nice doing something completely different to this current project and being able to switch between the two. So don't be confused if Photoshop paint ups of random thatched houses and medieval market stools appear soon!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Major Project

For my Major Project I decided to do something personal to me. I decided to do concept for a animation of awareness for Alzheimer's and Dementia. My Nan Mary, is a victim of the disease, and I have seen her progression through the stages from start to soon finish. Alzheimer's symptoms are labeled with old people and is played down within our modern society accepting most of the symptoms with "old age". Alzheimer's doesn't just effect the person but everyone around them. From personal experience there is simply not enough information out there to help deal with the progression of the stages for the carers and family. There's a large gap between what the person affected, families and carers experience and the information available. There is research showing the science behind what is happening to the brain and a list of symptoms, but nothing personal. The personal side of this disease is what makes it an underestimated and impersonal disease as it gets labeled as "being old". What my imaginary end product would be, is a personal story of Mary which goes through her experiences and the experiences of the family who act as her carers. It would help raise awareness and emotional aid for families with loved ones recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's with what to expect. 

The concepts will be based around real people and real events, so I first started with some stylistic and character experiments. The initial designs are always more warm ups than anything close to the real design work, so please be kind to the warm ups!

First I liked these graphic designs of old men. I thought the simple shapes and exaggeration within the designs were great. So I tried to step outside my comfort zone and do something very similar. My main aim was to try and loosen up my drawing for this project. Having tight and sharp lines would contrast with the personal softness I wanted to give to the characters and the project. 

These two done on Illustrator have come out much darker for some reason, I don't know why. From doing these it was clear which ones were working and which ones weren't. Although it is a style very different to my normal style, I don't think it was a complete failure. However for this project the designs were too flat and graphic for this project. However it was nice to know I can do something different. I look the designs and made them more my own again, but I kept what I have learnt by not being scared of exaggeration, and to keep the shapes flowing more within my future designs.