Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Minor Project - Glammie Kid Redesign

For my minor project I was asked to redesign Glammie Kid, which I had already completed the pre production for and this is the final productions. I decided on the design I wanted to take forward and experimented with it to get the final overall character.

I started with going back into research, looking at images with a similar look to what I had already established in the pre production in order to take it further. I then went more in depth into the ears of my character as they were a large feature, and had been selected only quickly at the end of pre production.

After this I decided to break the character down looking at hands, feet, body shape, and tail. The tail was an element I had also added to the design at last minute on the pre production. Through student feedback they encouraged an idea of the character using a tail to fly, which would change it to being much larger than the original tail. 

I then had to start finalizing the design, and getting a solid working construction that can be used to replicate the character. After this, I checked silhouette and moved onto colour work and experimentation.

When I had decided the look of the character, which through much experimentation I think went well. Every decision I made was for reason and gave an ending result I am happy with. I moved onto the final sheets such as turnaround construction sheet, turnaround sheet, colour model sheet, facial expressions and poses.